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Welcome to

This a place for me to talk about any doggone thing I want to talk about.  Mostly, it will be politics, but you can expect comments from me on American Idol when it comes on again next year and the NFL, especially the Washington Redskins.

I am on the lookout for TV shows and movies that are disrespectful to the US Military and our Veterans, whether by design or accident.

I ask for only a couple things from those who post here.

1. Avoid profanity.  Use special characters instead (!@#$%^&*()+=?/><.

2.  Try not to be too angry. You just embarrass yourself and I will leave those up here…..

3.  I am a devout follower of Andrew Breitbart. Opposing viewpoints are always welcome!!!

4.  If you believe the Holocaust was faked, and/or the USA perpetrated 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombing start your own blog and put them up there. I will delete them.

5.  Have a sense of humor.

6.  Tell your friends about

  1. Dave Thomas permalink

    your rules are the best I have seen! Dave

  2. Dave Thomas permalink

    Ross, your summed up views fit in exactly with my group. Dave

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